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Joomla SEO Tips and Tricks

Joomla! is a very powerful , yet flexible CMS . You can do wonders with it, as long as you know how to get the leverage out of it. SEO is an important step, which needs to be taken by all the Joomla website owners and webmasters, but before you go for that, there are few steps, which can really make you ready for the future plans. Here are few Joomla SEO Tips and Tricks :

1. Never Install Sample Data : Sample data means dummy data. If you are installing the sample data, make sure you are clearing those data once you are done with the site setup.

2. Your Site Name should not be your Keyword, buy your identity Name : Never Enter your site title in the Site Name field in the Global Configuration.

3. Turn off PDF Links : Switch off the PDF links, since they are indexed more on the Search Engines, since they are clean pages and you might lose your main page ranking and also get penalized for the duplicate contents.

4. Redirect all requests to www : Never have non-www links, since search engines hate that. Always put the htaccess redirector for non-www to www.

5. Turn on your Cache : Switch on the System Cache, since that makes the site load faster and search engines love fast loading websites.

6. Dont enter any MetaData on Global Configuration : This mistake is done by 99% of Joomla users. This field places this data on all pages of your site, which is of 0 use for your site SEO and popularity.

7. Use sh404sef : This is a great addon and yes, it can really get your site rank high.

8. Enter Metadata in Articles : While creating articles, make sure, you are entering the metadata there.

9. Social Bookmarking on pages : Install a social bookmarking plugin on your page and let users share the knowledge.

10. Use Gzip : Enable Gzip from Global Configuration. It helps the site to process faster and open quickly.